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PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY is well known for cooperating with very experienced and reliable companies.
Margor Automation was approached with a project of retrofiting control systems and implementing HMI systems for (3) high speed packaging Cam Cartoners production lines for the Ciba Vision Inc. We had the privilage to sign the contract and start the project. The customer's main problem to run these machines was the unavailability of spare parts for the Picomat electronic logic control system as well as an outdated, and inefficient HMI system. To keep the cost of this project in range of Ciba Vision Inc. budget our engineers were able to use most of the existing sensors and some electrcal components. The challenge for our company to complete this retrofit project on time was to get all components quickly. We were very pleased with the great assistance acquired from the representative of Allen-Bradley distribution company in the West Toronto area. The major parts like PLCs, PanelViews, encoders, sensors were delivered quickly and our engineering department was able to start implementing them in the project. Every production line was successfully finished on time including Ciba Vision Inc. acceptance tests procedure, training and delivery of documentation.      



Margor Automation successfully accomplished another integration project of implementing new, sophisticated control and HMI systems into older production machines allowing the customer to run them efficiently for many more years.



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Our industrial systems automation specialists provide full-service automation, integration and control to maximize your company's efficiency and output.

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Margor Automation is a division of Margor Electric Inc, which specializes in electrical control panels for industrial processes.  Website for Margor Electric is coming soon!

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