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MARGOR AUTOMATION integrated and serviced many automated control systems for a wide range of industries mostly in Canada, USA, Mexico and China. To mention only few among them: airline, oil and gas, packaging, paneling, pharmaceutical and utility industries.

AIRLINE INDUSTRY requires a hands-on enginnering team to service and maintain auxiliary, sophisticated electronic equipment, like Ground Power Units. The purpose of their use is to power the aircraft during its checking, maintenance and repairing procedures. Margor Automation is a well known company specializing in this type of equipment and servicing many airline companies located at the airports of Greater Toronto Area.


Industrial Automation OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY operates mainly in the explosion proof environment. Therefore most of the electronic and electrical systems have to be Class 1 & 2, Div. I & II, Group A, B, C or D. Our company had the opportunity to design and build a few controllers, among them a dosing system for Petro Canada.
PACKAGING INDUSTRY covers wide range of industries specializing in the process of packing goods. These processes require accuracy, speed and reliability. Most of custom-made systems in this industry are designed using PLC, servo systems and HMI. Margor Automation's engineering department assisted in develoment of pick & place robot for the Procter and Gamble Co. production line with wiring and testing a series of (18) machines destined for the plant in China. We were also involved in upgrades, servicing and maintaining Miraclay production line for the Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc.
Utilities Automation UTILITY INDUSTRY requires companies to assist them in development of auxiliary equipment for the purpose of maintaining the electrical distribution network of their territory. Over the years Margor Automation designed, manufactured controllers, wired and seviced automated control systems for utility companies. Among many of them we developed a few oil filtering systems for Quebec and Ontario Hydro as well as PQ Corp. of USA.

Service Overview

Our industrial systems automation specialists provide full-service automation, integration and control to maximize your company's efficiency and output.

Margor Electric Inc.

Margor Automation is a division of Margor Electric Inc, which specializes in electrical control panels for industrial processes.  Website for Margor Electric is coming soon!

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