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Welcome to Margor Automation

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industrial automation

Margor AutomationMARGOR AUTOMATION is a system integrator specializing in the design, manufacture of control panels, installation and servicing of electronic and electrical systems for automation processes.  This company has been successful in developing automation solutions for a wide range of industries in the global marketplace.  We are commited to provide progressive, user-friendly and affordable factory automation projects. As a one of the leading designer and manufacturer of automated control systems, our capabilities are often applied to product development. Over the years Margor Automation delivered many automated control systems mainly for the north american market.


Service Overview

Our industrial systems automation specialists provide full-service automation, integration and control to maximize your company's efficiency and output.

Margor Electric Inc.

Margor Automation is a division of Margor Electric Inc, which specializes in electrical control panels for industrial processes.  Website for Margor Electric is coming soon!

Support Center

For general inquiries, please contact us at the following:

(416) 620 - 6692

(905) 282 - 0006