Industrial Electrical Automation Services ,Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, GTA, Oakville, Burlington
Vision Systems
System Integration
Servos, AC/DC Drives
Programmable Processors


As a team of electrical engineers, we design prototypes, retrofit and upgrade existing control systems including the main electronic and electrical components such as PLC, HMI, SCADA, Robots, Servos, AC/DC Drives, Programmable Processors, Computers and Touch Screens.

The integrated systems have hardware and software selected by our engineering department and are geared towards the customer specified requirements. Documentation of the project includes programming package, schematics, drawings and instructions giving customer complete and excellent service.

Hardware and Software

A broad range of field-proven main components with outstanding quality and exceptional service have been included in the company's latest projects.

SERVOS - Allen-Bradley, Omron
VISION SYSTEMS – Omron, Allen-Bradley, Balluff
PLC - Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, GE Fenuc, Mitsubishi, EZ Automation
AC/DC DRIVE - Allen-Bradley, Siemens, AC Tech, KB Penta, Minarik.
PROGRAMMABLE PROCESSORS - Honeywell, Omron, Hanna, Yokogawa, Eurotherm, Fuji

Manufacture Facility

MARGOR AUTOMATION facility houses our experienced engineering department as well as a manufacturing facility, which will handle any size of control systems from simple ones to sophisticated state-of-the-art integrated automated systems.

The company designed or custom-made controllers are CSA/UL/ESA approved. It is our commitment to the customers to provide very reliable and top quality factory automation product, including a shop simulating procedure of every system and 24 hr emergency service.


MARGOR AUTOMATION is a system integrator specializing in the design, manufacture of control panels, installation and servicing of electronic and electrical systems for automation processes. This company has been successful in developing automation solutions for a wide range of industries in the global marketplace.

We are commited to provide progressive, user-friendly and affordable factory automation projects. As a one of the leading designer and manufacturer of automated control systems, our capabilities are often applied to product development. Over the years Margor Automation delivered many automated control systems mainly for the north american market.

We specialize in seamlessly integrating our state-of-the-art automated control systems into a fully automated and functional design.

As a team of electrical engineers, we design prototypes and upgrade existing control systems, including electrical and electronic components such as PLC, HMI, SCADA, programmable processors, computers and AC/DC drives.


  • PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY is well known for cooperating with very experienced and reliable companies. Margor Automation was approached with a project of retrofiting control systems and implementing HMI systems for (3) high speed packaging Cam Cartoners production lines for the Ciba Vision Inc. We had the privilage to sign the contract and start the project. The customer's main problem to run these machines was the unavailability of spare parts for the Picomat electronic logic control system as well as an outdated, and inefficient HMI system.

    To keep the cost of this project in range of Ciba Vision Inc. budget our engineers were able to use most of the existing sensors and some electrcal components. The challenge for our company to complete this retrofit project on time was to get all components quickly. Every production line was successfully finished on time including Ciba Vision Inc. acceptance tests procedure, training and delivery of documentation.

    Margor Automation successfully accomplished another integration project of implementing new, sophisticated control and HMI systems into older production machines allowing the customer to run them efficiently for many more years.
  • Implementation of Electrical automation systems in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton

  • Margor automation is a leader in implementing, maintenance, retrofiting electrical automation systems across Toronto, Ontario
  • Margor automation systems.


    It is critical to keep wastewater pollution at the minimum level to protect our environment. Therefore industrial wastewater treatment became a very important issue today. It includes the processes and means used to treat waters that have been contaminated by industrial and commercial activities prior to its release into our ecosystem. Our engineering department cooperates with other companies in developing systems to separate oil and grease from wastewater.

    Precise measurements and control systems provide protection against releasing untreated wastewater and polluting our environment. We are also taking part in designing and developing custom made systems in the processes of water pH level control as well as polymer feeding systems for some wastewater treatment plants.
    operates mainly in the explosion proof environment. Therefore most of the electronic and electrical systems have to be Class 1 & 2, Div. I & II, Group A, B, C or D. Our company had the opportunity to design and build a few controllers, among them a dosing system for Petro Canada.

    covers wide range of industries specializing in the process of packing goods. These processes require accuracy, speed and reliability. Most of custom-made systems in this industry are designed using PLC, servo systems and HMI. Margor Automation's engineering department assisted in develoment of pick & place robot for the Procter and Gamble Co. production line with wiring and testing a series of (18) machines destined for the plant in China. We were also involved in upgrades, servicing and maintaining Miraclay production line for the Terrafix Geosynthetics Inc.
    requires companies to assist them in development of auxiliary equipment for the purpose of maintaining the electrical distribution network of their territory. Over the years Margor Automation designed, manufactured controllers, wired and seviced automated control systems for utility companies. Among many of them we developed a few oil filtering systems for Quebec and Ontario Hydro as well as PQ Corp. of USA.
    requires a hands-on enginnering team to service and maintain auxiliary, sophisticated electronic equipment, like Ground Power Units. The purpose of their use is to power the aircraft during its checking, maintenance and repairing procedures. Margor Automation is a well known company specializing in this type of equipment and servicing many airline companies located at the airports of Greater Toronto Area.
    Through the years Margor Automation designed, programmed, wired and commisioned many electronic and electrical automated control systems for heavy industries like mining, smelting and foundry industries. One of them was Raglan mine project developed for Xstrata Nickel of Toronto, Ontario Canada. It consisted of (3) independent, automated PLC controlled systems for the production processes of nickel. The leading company for this project was one of the biggest engineering company in the world, Bechtel Engineering.
    requires very precise dosing of polymers for manufacturing processes of high quality paper. Margor Automation was given opportunities to participate in few projects of this type. Our team developed and upgraded systems consisting of the Polymer Batch and Make Down Systems as well as the Polymer Metering and Feed Systems for the GE Betz and Wayerhaeuser.
    grew over the years. The possibility of reducing waste disposal by reusing materials like rubber, plastic, paper, wood and metals became a very important issue. The recycling industry takes a significant part in protecting our environment. The process of reusing materials requires shredding them in preparation for further processes. With cooperation of one of the mechanical companies our engineering department developed successful prototype of the shredder machine. Over the years we have built many custom-made shredders in range of 50 - 100 HP for the recycling.


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Margor Automation is a division of Margor Electric Inc, which specializes in Integration, Retrofits, and Servicing Automated Control Systems
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